Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nanny Money-Bags

The 21st century Mary Poppins?

Below is a re-print of an article that appeared in the always-interesting shanghaiist.com website.
Just how far will some families go to have bilingual children? For the US's elite, it may include paying your nanny a six-figure salary. At Pavilion Agency, one of New York City's high-end housekeeping agencies, such numbers are the norm. The nannies are expected to be both caretaker and language teacher, along with whatever else the family may require.

On top of the astronomical salary, apartments, paid vacations and health benefits may also be worked into the arraignments. Before you run and hop on a plane though, consider your options carefully. The price of such a high paying job is very little social life, as the women are expected to drop everything for the whims of the family or even put up with extreme emotional abuse from their employers. The typical nanny in NYC though, earns around 90 yuan (USD $15) an hour.

"I'm desperately seeking qualified Chinese women," Says Pavilion's president Clifford Greenhouse in an article from China Daily. "Bring me one and I can give her a choice of ten top families." Elsewhere too, the demand for bilingual and trilingual nannies is on the rise, and those that are native Mandarin speakers can easily make 300,000 yuan more than their European counterparts. At the Elizabeth Rose Agency in Beverly Hills, mansions, hand-me-down Prada, and ball gowns can also come as perks of the job.

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