Monday, October 7, 2013

Asia’s Growth in Conspicuous Investing

Now THAT's an investment I can flaunt.

Forbes magazine (link below) has compiled a Top 10 list of countries which will experience the highest growth rate in luxury investing, defined as high end consumables (e.g. wine, paintings, vintage cars, big-rock jewelry, watches) which are expected to rise in value. At the risk of acting as spoiler, here is the list, in ascending order of growth rates. Surprise surprise, Asian countries take four of the five top places. India’s growth rate leads them all with a 23% annualized growth rate through 2017. One might also suspect that Asian influence is considerable in places such as the UK and Canada in helping those countries make the list.  
10. Switzerland
9.  Germany
8.  France
7.  Canada
6.  USA
5.  Japan
4.  UK
3.  Singapore
2.  China
1.  India
While advanced countries still spend more in the aggregate on these blingy things, the future is clearly moving East, following the cash.

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