Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Anti-Cinderella Story

The lie that $100,000 can buy

This story has appeared in multiple tabloids, and some parties have questioned its veracity. So this blogger does not stand by the facts of this account. However, the phenomenon is one that many people across Asia wonder about.
Time for a multiple choice Pop quiz time: Which segment of this story is the most absurd?
A. Chinese man divorces and sues wife in court over an “incredibly ugly” daughter who “horrified” him. He claims that the wife has had an affair. DNA test shows that he is wrong – it is his child.
B. Wife confesses, not to an affair, but having had $100,000 of cosmetic surgery in South Korea (before and after shots above) prior to knowing her husband and keeping the truth from him.
C. Court rules in favor of husband, awarding him $120,000 on the grounds of false pretenses.
D. All of the above. It's all tragic and loony at the same time. 
Given how widespread and extensive cosmetic surgery practice has gotten in Asia, it’s sadly no surprise that this has become a growing marital problem. Anecdotal stories of similar cases abound. Deception and superficiality have become a coupling that is too common in a region obsessed with getting ahead, or at least giving the appearance of it.

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