Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Home, My Gallery

Romi Lamba and a feast for the eyes

This linked SCMP article on Romi Lamba, which appeared in this morning’s Sunday Post Magazine in Hong Kong, provides a first-person account of a unique man with a unique collection of Asian art. Romnesh Lamba (known to all as Romi) is a senior executive at the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, or simply, the Stock Exchange. Unlike so many other finance personalities around Asia, he is less defined by his wealth as by his passions. Collecting Asian contemporary art, particularly from India and China. has occupied much time and energy for him and his wife for many years. Visitors to their home often liken it to a gallery as much as a personal residence where the couple have raised two daughters. Furthermore, having consistently been ahead of the curve and a thorough student of Asian art trends, the Lambas have undoubtedly done well financially as well as aesthetically with their collection. It is reassuring to witness that taste and success sometimes do indeed go hand in hand. 

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