Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Bus Detour from the Road to Riches

Let me take you on the road less traveled.

This South China Morning Post article profiles a young finance professional who gave up a promising career as a future Hong Kong one-percenter to pursue a self-proclaimed dream – to be a full-time local bus driver. Gary Leung, 26, decided that chasing money and luxury did not represent a “fulfilled life” for him, despite a strong educational background that had prepared him to be a financial analyst. So he enrolled for an additional 18 days of driver training and then took the wheel of a KMB vehicle. He says that he hopes to inspire people to think differently about their lives and what moves them (pun intended). His story has gone viral online, with some people criticizing him that he can make this choice because he has the privileged background to do so.  Whatever his true motivations, it’s a thought provoking case study of an alternative lifestyle choice. All aboard?

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