Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gigi - Doing Things Her Way

She's man enough for me. thanks.

Gigi Chao, the daughter of Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao, has become a darling of both Hong Kong society and the global LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. And for all the right reasons. Since last September, when Gigi’s father publicly offered US$64 million (an amount likely to bulge any man’s pants, one way or another) to any guy able to set her “straight” and win her hand in marriage, she has done what any strong, red-blooded offspring of an overbearing parent is bound to do – run the other way. She has resisted thousands upon thousands of propositions from men advertising everything from amazing abs to a willingness to undergo a sex-change operation as soon as the money hits his bank account, and remained faithful to her partner Sean Eav. She has also picked up the LGBT banner and waved it high and widely around Hong Kong as the community’s most visible activist. Given her media appeal and the strength of her conviction, Cecil Chao is clearly up against a formidable opponent. At least he can take solace in the likelihood that he will be able to retain the money, no doubt to continue to fund the morally rigid lifestyle for which he has become justly famous. Right.

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